What is bullying to you?

I have heard multiple accounts, stories, and examples of bullying. But what do you feel bullying is? Why do you think people bully? I want to hear the opinions of other people. Please leave a comment. Thank you.


2 responses to “What is bullying to you?

  1. A “Bully” I think is a selfish dictator that mistreats the weak. It is in their culture (way of life) that they learn these things. Aggressive parents I think teach the kids this: warping to the future, they take that abuse, hatred, and tyrannical attitude in from the past and use it because it is thought that is how things should be run around here, through fear, all kinds of hate, and dictatorship: simply “Peace through superior firepower”.

    • That’s a very good point. And I think you’re right on many accounts; No one is born a bully. A bully bullies because that bully has been bullied. When I start thinking about how hard a bully must have it in their home/family lives, I just feel really bad for them. But, of course, that doesn’t excuse their bullying others.

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