Bully-By Shinedown.


A video by the band Shinedown. The song is based around the emotions and actions of a bully, an observer to bullying, and the victim of bullying. However, the song takes a very aggressive approach to bullying, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, in my opinion.


Four songs that link to bullying

Keep Your Eyes Open by Taylor Swift. This song voices how bullies are out to get you, and you have to Keep Your Eyes Open.

Front Porch Looking in by Lonestar. Thing song is talking about how you should think about what you want in your future, and to strive for that future.

Rumor Has It by Adele. This song is showing the power of rumors. The guy in the song leaves the girl who is singing, so the girl starts a rumor that the guy is cheating on another girl other then the one he left the singer for. Then he plays with him for awhile after he comes back to her, then starts a rumor that she is leaving him because he did something terrible.

Ours by Taylor Swift. This song shows how you should be yourself, and not let other people control who you want to be.