Taking a Present away

Today, while I was having a drink at my local starbucks, I saw four children, and five adults. They were all having their drinks together, and the four children were roaming around. There was a boy I would have estimated to be two, and three girls that I would have called five, six, and eight. The boy wanted to be around the three girls,(I assumed they were siblings or relatives) but the girl I thought to be eight, who was playing with her Nintendo 3ds XL and texting on her Samsung Galaxy S3 kicked him away and said, “Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean I have to be nice to you.”

I watched the boy reacting. He was confused for a few seconds, then returning to playing with some toy cars. The girl I thought to be six was texting, and the girl I thought to be five was playing Angry Birds on another Samsung Galaxy S3. They wouldn’t include the little boy in their play, and took some of his cars away, and started rubbing in that he couldn’t do anything to get them back.

The little boy hit her in the leg, and she starting crying (I couldn’t say whether it was real or not) and called her dad. She said that the boy had hit her, and that she had asked to play with the toy, and the dad had a sit down with the boy. All I heard was, “Not,” “toy,” and “bad,” in that order.

Opinions on the girls electronics aside,(Short and simple, there’s a difference between spoiling a little, and outright…I don’t even know the word.) this was definitely a perfect example of young child bullying.

And I named the post “Taking a Present away” because I heard the assumed eight year old girl, after all that was done, give a little giggle, and say to the little boy, “I guess I’ll keep the video game I got you.”

What do you, the reader, think, about the bullying that was expressed? How was the little boy bullied? What could have been better? And how should both of the conflicting children reacted to each other?


While surfing the internet, I found these.

Congratulations for your terrible behaviour me editingI edited some of this picture out. I found this picture very meaningful, because it really just says, “Congratulations. You’re a horrible person.” While that is not the meaning I am trying to get out on my blog, it has a meaning.


And then I found this, which I am copy pasting:

” Calling someone fat, won’t make you skinnier.
Calling someone ugly, won’t make you prettier.
Calling someone stupid, won’t make you smarter.
Calling someone a loner, won’t make you more popular.
Bullying someone won’t make you a better person. ”

So, because all of this is true, there is no reason to bully other students.


Right? So why does it still happen?

(I already answered that question in some of my first posts. But for the sake of this post, let’s pretend I didn’t.)


If this is all true, which it is, bullying should not be happening this much.

Response to Daily Prompt, “How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?”

I can not really respond to this in full; I do not need to travel to anywhere to get the best meal of my life. That meal is the meal with my friends and family, whether it be French Toast, Pancakes, Penne, Spaghetti, Steak, or whatever. As long as I am with my friends and family, it is always the best meal.

Response to Daily Prompt, “You are having a Nightmare . . .”

The Daily Prompt is to explain, if you were having a nightmare, which of three doors you would choose to go through, and to explain what was on the other side.


I see three white doors, plain, no indents, or trim; The walls around the doors are black. I look at the three doors, and think, ‘Am I supposed to go through one?’ I disregard the Right Door, because Right is not always Right. I also disregard the Middle Door, because I don’t want to be in the middle crowd. So, I open the door on the very left, and I see only two things. The first of which is a tall boy, about three years older then me, and has black hair and is light skinned. The second of which is a book that says “My Test Notes.” I realize those notes are mine, and I run over to try and get them. However, the boy kicks them away, and grabs me, and I black out.

The dream is a very short one, but it has a serious idea to it. It represents how I used to be/have been/still are being bullied for studying and taking notes on tests.

Response to daily Prompt, “If your government accomplishes one thing in 2013, what would you like that to be?”

If there was one thing I would like my government to achieve, it would be to lower the level of bullying.

I’m sure pretty much all of my posts are about bullying, and relatively the same post over and over will probably get very annoying. So I’m going to change this up a little.

I need feedback from you, the person reading this post. Do you agree with this statement, this wish? Why? I would like a little feedback, that I may or may not edit into this post, with your opinions. This post is for you, the readers

(Here’s a little template, if you need it:)

Agree or disagree with this post?




djmatticus says:

“I completely agree. I was bullied through junior high and high school and know all too well the mental and physical trauma dished out on a daily basis by bullies. And, all of my experiences were before the onslaught of social media and cyber bulling so I can’t even fully understand what people being bullied today are going through. It is a serious problem, I’m just not sure what a feasible solution could be at this time; but, we’ve got to stick with it regardless and work on changing things for the better because change is definitely needed.”

Respond to Daily Prompt: plead the Fifth

The Daily Prompt was to post what question I hate being asked, and why. However, I was not notified the Prompt was up until it was too late. But I’m still going to respond to most prompts from now on, even if they are closed.


I hate being asked, “Do you not like me?” A very large multitude of the bullies at my school really enjoy asking me this question. The question forces me to say, “No, I have no problem with you,” Which allows them to go to everyone else and say “Kyle said he likes me! That’s so weird!” Or “Yes, I don’t like you,” Which they can pretend to take offensively and report me to an administrator. I find this question very difficult to respond to, and don’t like having to.

“I dare you to”

Have you ever been in a bet? Been dared to do something embarrassing? Then lost this bet or dare, and then forced to do something really embarrassing?

Bets and dares are, in my opinion, not worth anything. Money, food, reputation- it just isn’t worth it. These bets and dares can usually be ground for a bully to make another student look bad.

I, as a younger school boy, accepted too many bets. I don’t remember winning too many of them, and I had to do embarrassing things in effect. I don’t want to name many, but they include sticking my face in jello and putting a lot of pasta into my mouth and saying hi to a lot of people.

I am posting this because a friend of mine recently entered a bet and lost it. My friend, however, would not do what he said he would do if he lost, and got a lot of laughter, and was pointed out several times.

After hearing his story, I thought it would be smart to type up a smart little post with my opinion.

Bets and dares, unless they are simple ones among friends, are not worth the trouble they could possibly bring.