Is a bully ‘bad?’

If you have read some of my earliest content on this blog, you know I believe a bully does not wake up one day and decide they want to be very bad people. I believe a bully has someone or someones in their lives that have treated them in a way that shapes them into being bullies. Because it can be, in some ways, considered ‘not their fault,’ it begs the question:

Are bullies bad people?

To answer a question this deep, we have to do a lot of thinking–People’s own morals and values usually weigh in on their answers to this question.

A bully takes deliberate action to harass and harm the people around them. This is clear evidence to the opinion that they are ‘bad people.’ On the contrary, they take these actions because they are insecure about themselves, and have been shown that stripping someone else’s confidence is the way to be above others. This can be used to support the side that they are not ‘bad people,’ simply victims of ‘bad circumstance.’

Or do you believe ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are too thin terms?(Please, tell me if you believe that, and why!)

A bully can be looked at from many different perspectives; but I don’t think any of them will ever be classified as ‘right.’

Thanks for reading.



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