When someone asks, “Why do you feel so strongly about bullying?”

I say, “I have been bullied since I was in first grade. Now, the worst thing you can say to bully someone in first grade is, “you’re stupid,” but it is bullying nevertheless. I want to help others understand bullying better, and also help them stop it, so they, and other people, don’t get hurt by it.”


I want to help any person who is bullied to better understand it, and to help them fight against bullying. I also want them to be able to help other people against bullying too.


That, is what I say.


The types of bullies

If you ask me, there are seven categories to divide bullies up into.

There are the bullies I put in thee ‘big three’ category, and then I assign them a ‘class’ of bully. The big three types are:

The big bully. He will use his strength, his tallness, anything to do with being bigger than you against you. He is very physical, and will usually attack someone with fists after roughing someone up. This is the type of bully that scares and terrifies. For this bully, it’s about entertaining themselves and the crowd.

Second, there is the ‘Medium’ bully. This bully still may scare people with their physical power, but these bullies usually keep to targeting others with words. Cussing at people, calling names, gossiping, spreading rumors…those are the main things the ‘medium’ bully will do.

Then, finally, there is the shorter bully. The one who is usually shorter then the average kid. Often the one who is picked on, maybe even by kids at the school, for being short. To prove they can be ‘cool,’ which is exactly the opposite of where bullying leaves you, they bully others themselves. They always use verbal attacks,and they will never be alone when they target someone. Someone could easily point out how short that person was. If so, the short kid would either get angry or back off. But with a ‘friend’ who is taller then the bully, that comment is wiped clean. They always surround themselves before they bully. For them, it’s all about the audience.

And then, after I have put a bully to a category, I think of their ‘class.’

The Assassin: Quiet. Sneaky. Never see it coming. Rumors. Gossip. Picture this: You are working on a project, and it is in your science class. You are doing extremely well on it; it is neat, organized, and you are very focused. You have to cut a colored picture that you had to get from a friend’s house, because you don’t have a working printer. You are cutting it out, very carefully, when someone bumps into you, says, “oh, sorry.” sarcastically, and you accidentally cut right through the middle of that picture. That’s an example of how the Assassin will bully. Usually associated with the ‘medium’ bully.

The Warrior: Physical. Fists. Muscle. Scary. All associated with the warrior. They are up in your face, not giving you time to think, shouting in your ear. Always holding a fist out at you, always shouting threats. Imagine this. You are at you locker, putting things away. Suddenly, you are shoved in and the locker closes. You hear a voice. “I’m only gonna let you out if you give me (place item/object/thing here)” Then you agree, without enough time to think to yourself, But wait…they don’t have my locker combo!
Almost always associated with the big bully.

The Rogue(pronounced roh-g): Put the first two together, you get Rogue. They will use some physical attributes of the Warrior, but usually don’t take it any farther than a few threats. They usually stick to rumors and gossip. This ‘class’ is almost always associated with the ‘medium’ bully.

The Backstabber: This is a class entirely of it’s own. A backstabber is the type of bully that pretends to be your friend, and gets close to you, and digs in, slowly, for secrets. Then, once he gets them, he will turn on you and blurt them all out to the world. Everyone experiences it. And everyone hates it. And all bully types can be associated with this class.

I hope this has given you a better overview of bullies.

What is my blog about?


Everything in this blog will have some connection to bullying. I will tell stories, post things to do about bullying, and maybe an explanation of bullying. Possibly even more.

This blog is going to be focused on bullying, why it happens, and how to help stop bullying.

Stepping up to bullying doesn’t mean getting aggressive and becoming a bully to the bullies- It means not watching it happen. It means making a difference. It means telling a teacher if someone is going to get hurt- Whether it’s by physical actions, words, or something more deep, I will try and help anyone who wants to help or get help on how to stop the bullying that is happening in schools all over the place.

Bullying isn’t just in school- It’s everywhere! Someone could shove¬†a person in a store. Someone could leave a nasty comment on a website a person has made. It’s even possible someone’s older sibling may bully them.

It’s everywhere- And it’s not okay.