Response to Daily Prompt: Too Soon

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?


All the readers of my blog can probably assume I will be talking about bullying in this post. There are plenty of times when jokes or simple comments are taken to far and boundaries aren’t realized at the right point. There are jokes I am stunned to hear that I’ve heard in the first year of middle school. There was a joke I am too uncertain of typing up because I do not want any younger readers to see the joke, but that should give you an idea. I don’t want to type it up because of it’s content.


If I am with a group of friends and someone says I joke I feel or believe is too far, I will say so. When I’m with friends, I expect they will respect my wish for the joke to be left alone. It’s easy to be in a group of friends, be having a great time, and then let something slip that you thought would work out but didn’t.


I think it is critical that the person acknowledge this mistake, so that it can be accepted as a mistake and then left alone, so the group of friends can easily move on from this slip up.


My personal opinion…things like making fun of homeless citizens, general bullying, hating on, say, the city council/department for failing to do something, and general heckling of anyone or thing. There are exceptions, of course, but they are few and far between.


Response to Daily Prompt: P.C.

Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion?


Political correctness has it’s own use in it’s own way. It is good at some points, while it simply hinders and hurts conversation in other places. If I am having an interview for my first job with an interviewer, I’m going to be politically correct; if I am sitting somewhere with a group of my good friends, I am going to focus on having fun, not being politically correct. This would rid lots of fun from discussions if I did not go along with nonsensical jokes. However, I have my own boundaries to watch. I will not stoop to a level of insulting a disadvantages group because of a joke.


Political correctness is something you use and apply in a case-by-case basis.

Bullying and Music

I’ve many times heard a friend or acquaintance of mine venting about a bullying experience. I do my best to help, or at least comfort them. Many times, the next day or so, I will ask this friend/acquaintance what they did when they got home that day. I often here ‘I went home and listened to music/my mp3/ my iPod.’ I immediately follow this up with ‘How loud was the music?’ And, every single time I have heard something along the lines of “Loud/Sorta loud, i dunno/Really loud.” This is not a good thing.


When we get home and are angry about an experience in the day, and listen to extraneously loud music,(whether it’s about a violent theme or not) it often feeds into and focuses on that anger, and therefore does not allow the human a change to think out his emotions and solve he situation in his mind(or seek help)


Many fall back on music to calm them from a long day of hardship or difficulty. When we listen to this loud, sometimes violent music, and our focus is placed on our anger, it is actually unhealthy for us–this unthinking state that prevents our minds from being able to gather our thoughts and emotions, and, if we are in this state for too long, can carry over to the next day, causing a worse day after the initial anger and situations–this leads to being an easier target of bullying and harrassment. So…


Let’s take a step back. That’s a lot of effect just by listening to some music. Moral of the story, watch what you do to handle your anger–it is not bad to be angry; It is bad to feed your anger and strengthen it for a worse cause.

Bullying? Try some new things.

Recently, I signed up for a program that introduces high school students to multiple areas of college work. It is not at all hard work, simple areas of work with most easy and some challenging activities that you are guided through. The program is very interesting to me, and I really enjoy it.


One thing I’ve noticed is how nice about 95% of the students are. I’ve had one single incident of bullying the whole time, and I easily shrugged the kid off with “that is your opinion,” to which his words turned into mumbles and stumbling sentences. This brought to my mind something I hadn’t realized before, of which I want to share with everyone who takes time out of their day to read my blog.


Taking this class that goes along with the program has opened my eyes to something after seeing how polite and friendly most of the other people in the class are. I decided I would try something new that I enjoyed(Introduction to 2D Computer Programming : D) and I have since made two or three good acquaintances. While these acquaintances may not turn into friendships or friendly bonds, the fact that I’ve met such good people in three days of this program has shocked me to a quite high level.


My advice to you the reader, if you feel you are in a place with few friends and little to do, or even just a little free time, to try something new. Go join a community center that practices art. Go learn to play guitar. Drums. just go do something new that will introduce you to a new area of study, enjoyment, fun, entertainment, or even just occupation.


Learning about the programming has given me three benefits- Getting out of the house, making several new acquaintances, and learning how to program simple 2D games. I am enjoying doing something new, and I am positive you will too.

Response to Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

What bores you?


There are several different things that bore me. I’ll list the top three.


1. What bores me is sitting at a desk for several hours, listening to an instructor of some sort speaking(which I might even be intrigued in) and constantly being pestered by the class bullies, who might be doing simple things like shooting spit balls at me or making faces; childish things that are just distracting.

2. Getting lectured by people you have never seen, heard, or thought of before. When I do something, I have a reason for it. When someone starts lecturing me on how stupid something is, how weird it is, or how wrong it is, about something I am doing, I find it boring, and occasionally somewhat irritating, because the person is not aware of my reasons and intentions of performing this action.

3. I find notebooks especially boring. Writing notes over and over again (whether I know I’ll need them or not) Is a really hard thing for me to sit and do for an hour or more.

Now, I almost put bullies on this list, just because the same situations over and over is boring, however, I decided not to as bullies definitely prevent difficult, non-boring challenges.

Response to Daily Prompt: Everything Changes

Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.


If I picked up a piece of paper and read something that changed my life, it could be one of two things- Bullying no longer existed in the world, or that thousands of people around the world had joined together and had created a massive antii-bullying group, and wanted me to join in on the group to give input, ideas, and thoughts. I know there are some groups like this already around the world, but none on the level or scale they should be.