Daily Prompt: “An Offer I couldn’t Refuse”

Yesterday, my cell phone started ringing. I saw that the number was ‘blocked,’ and that the name was also ‘blockrted.’ Of course, that spooked me. I picked up the phone, just out of my curiosity. I heard a voice say, “Are you the kid who has the blog?” I thought of several sarcastic comments I could have said, such as, “Well, considering there are several million,” or, “Well, considering I have a blog and I’m a kid,” but I just answered, “Yes, I have a blog.”

The man grunted something, and I heard several voices in the background. After about 15 seconds, I heard the man’s voice again. We are a secret agency of people devoted to making the world a better place. We deal with politics, harmful citizens, crime, and a few other things, including bullying.”

“Okay…” I answered, wondering why they were contacting me.

“And we want you to help us out a little. First, you can keep doing what you’re doing. On your blog. Giving advice and sharing stories. Second, you can give more support in your school. If you see someone being harassed, stop it. And finally, if you are face to face with a bully who is harassing you, then show them, like you have been, that you don’t give a crap what they think about you.”

This post was a fictional post for the Daily Prompt. However, there are pieces I do want a reader to take from the post. First, being sarcastic in a bullying situation isn’t going to help you. Second, remember that there are people everywhere who want to help. Third, don’t be afraid to tell a bully to stop giving someone a hard time. If they tell you, “It’s not your business,” say, “It’s not your business to be harassing this kid.” Lastly, don’t be afraid to tell someone that what they think doesn’t change who you are.


Daily Prompt: “Breaking The Ice”

This Daily Prompt is to take a subject I write about (bullying) and talk about another person’s point of view. I’m going to be taking the point of view of the victim of bullying. Some parts will be informational, and other parts will be first-person.


Why is John always bothering me? What did I ever do to him? I just learn throughout the day, go home, do homework, and come to school the next day. What is so terrible about that?


Many people who are bullied do not understand why they are being bullied, at least at first. Many are left with the idea that they did not do anything, and this bullying is happening for no reason. ‘Many’ is used loosely, because it is not everyone.


And then he went and told everyone I ate barbeque sauce off the floor! Why on earth would I ever do that? And everyone actually believes it!


It is hard for someone to understand that someone performs these hurtful, negative actions because someone has to them. While many people feel it is unfair that they are being bullied,(Which it is NOT) I never hear from another student, “I wonder how it is for them, like, at home, or something…”


And now, even my friend won’t talk to me…I can’t believe how much of a jerk he is! He just…turns around and throws me away! This is so unfair!


It is difficult to grasp that friends may come and go. While some are friends that will stay with yu throughout the years, there are some that will eventually move on.


I wish i had someone I had someone that could help me…


While it may sound untrue or be difficult to accept, there is always someone who can help you. It is difficult to hear that, sometimes, to better ourselves, we have to show the hurt, the anger, all of the emotion to someone else.


Admitting we are hurting, are in a difficult situation, or having trouble with personal issues, can be the most difficult thing in our lives. However, it can also be the most helpful.

Daily Prompt, “Write an entire post without using any three-letter words.”

The daily prompt was to not use any three-letter words; I apologize if this sounds like a middle-ages manuscript.


When in doubt about bullying, or being bullied, several resolutions become available to everyone whom needs them.

Some resolutions could be:

1. Bringing trusted adults into your conflicts. They will offer advice/assistance to anyone who accepts it.

2. Make sure to stay mature, whilst keeping a positive attitude. It is easier said then done. However, once learned, makes handling a bully much easier.

3. Never raise your fists, unless you’re doing so in self defense. Resorting to violence in a situation of bullying means that a bully successfully retrieved a reaction, while you’ll be left with discipline.

Daily Prompt, ‘What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?’

There are very few things I would not want someone else to say about me. As an advocate to stop bullying, I would not want to hear that I was no help as an anti bully, or that my help got someone in a lot of trouble.


There isn’t really something a bully could say that I would care about. I want to make sure I help other people, and the thoughts I care about are the thoughts of the people that support me.

Daily Prompt, ‘Your blog just became a viral sensation. What’s the one post you’d like new readers to see and remember you by? Write that post.’

Hello, and welcome to my blog! For all you new visitors and followers, I wanted to put a simple explanation of what you are going to see, hear, and notice on this blog.
You will be seeing more posts about stories that people like you, the person reading this post right now, have asked for me to submit.

You will be seeing me make some videos based around bullying, which I will post to youtube and link or actually post on the blog.

More Daily Prompt replies.

Taking ideas from you and turning them into helpful posts.

More explanations of bullying.

And much more.


Here at bullyingdontstandbystepup.me, I am looking to increase your understanding and knowledge of the basics, and, possibly, the more advanced concepts of bullying. I also would like to give advice to those seeking it.


Thank you to all my new visitors, followers, and fans.



Daily Prompt, ‘Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.’

This picture really makes me think a lot of myself in elementary school. I remember the rumors about me, the gossip that went around. A lot of the speak in the room stopped when I would enter, and if I was walking by a certain group, they would stop talking. The rumors, the gossip, the insults, it all hurt. I did not know how to deal with it, and I was confused.

Some people told me not to let it get to me. That did not help at all. In fact, that is probably one of the worst things an adult could tell you. Saying, “Don’t let it get to you,” is, to me, like saying “I don’t have time to deal with it. You figure it out.” Saying “Don’t let it get to you,” helps in no way at all, as far as I’m concerned.

I also heard a lot of “You need to toughen up, and show them who they are messing with.” In my opinion, this meant one simple thing: Raise your fists and attack them. That, to me, was absolutely not going to happen. You may hear a lot of sayings, such as, “Violence is never the answer,” but I don’t think any saying can actually give a full, 100% meaning to Bullying. If I had raised my fists and starting hitting anyone who bullied me, I would just be giving them the rise, or reaction that they wanted.

A Bully bullies to take someone else’s positive feel about themselves, and pass off their negative feel. If I had started punching, it would have said to them, “He is angry. He doesn’t know what else to do but get violent.” This, in turn, would most likely lead to me being reported to a teacher or administrator, and me getting in trouble. Because I never raised my fists to a bully, I was able to, ever so slowly, learn how to deal with a bully, along with drawing my own conclusions on why someone bullies.

Back to this picture- It makes me think a lot of the time I spent down in the dumps, upset, unsure, unaware, and unable.

I was upset because I did not know how to react. ‘These kids were going out of their way to be mean to me, and they won’t stop!’

I was unsure because I did not know if I could really be myself and get along with others and succeed in life.

I was unaware because I was not paying any attention to the help I now know I really did have.

I was unable because after every insult, it felt like I could do less and less to stop the insulting, and the hurting, and the gossip, and the rumors.


Upset, Unsure, Unaware, Unable. I have come to think of these as “The four U’s that show insecurity.”

The 11th picture that popped up when I went to google.com/images and typed in ‘Bullying other kids.’

The ’20 years later’ letter.

Hello me, 20 years later.



I just had a few questions about how life is in twenty years, so here goes:


Are you married?

Is teleportation invented?

Have time machines been made yet?

Do you have kids?

If yes, how many?

If no, how many do you plan to have?

Also, if no, do you have plans to have any?

What are schools like?

What is your job?


I don’t want to take too much of your time, so I’m keeping it to only a few questions.


Thank you for your time,

Reply to daily prompt, “Write a letter to yourself at 14. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself 20 years later.”

Dear myself, at 14,



Considering I’m going to be you in exactly 54 days, on December 26th, I can’t think of a lot to say. I don’t know what will be different. However, I do have some questions:
Will I be able to stay up later?

Will dad hold up to the five dollar raise per two weeks on your allowance?

What did your first quarter Report Card look like?

What did you get for Christmas?

How is Winter Break so far?


Honestly, that is all I can think of as of now. If you really do get this, please write me back. I’d like to get to know you and myself better.


Thank you for your time,