When someone asks, “Why do you feel so strongly about bullying?”

I say, “I have been bullied since I was in first grade. Now, the worst thing you can say to bully someone in first grade is, “you’re stupid,” but it is bullying nevertheless. I want to help others understand bullying better, and also help them stop it, so they, and other people, don’t get hurt by it.”


I want to help any person who is bullied to better understand it, and to help them fight against bullying. I also want them to be able to help other people against bullying too.


That, is what I say.


Bully-By Shinedown.


A video by the band Shinedown. The song is based around the emotions and actions of a bully, an observer to bullying, and the victim of bullying. However, the song takes a very aggressive approach to bullying, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, in my opinion.

Three things you can do if someone is bullying you.

I decided  to post three simple things I felt could help anyone who reads this to defuse a bully.
1. Tell them to stop. “Stop. I don’t like it when you call me a name/push me/etc.”

2.¬† Just walk away. If you’re in a classroom or another place that you can’t just walk away, try to find a friend or someone to walk with/sit by/talk with/etc. that you like or trust.

3. If all else fails, tell an adult. They are there to help you, and if someone is bullying you, they will deal with it.

Bullied Quiz 2

A boy walks up to you and shoves you. What do you say?

1. Why did you shove me?

2. Ow! That hurt!

3. What the heck was that for?

4. Uhh…I would appreciate if you didn’t do that again!

5. Teacher!

If someone looked at you and just started laughing, what would you say?

1. Yeah, I knew that I looked funny today…

2. Uhm…Hello? What’s wrong?

3. I’ll just ignore him.

You and two of your friends are sitting at your lunch table, chatting about your favorite ice cream flavor. Another kid comes down and sits at your table. You realize it’s your classmate from second period, the kid that always bullied you in elementary school, and still does. He insults you about your hair, shirt, and face, and one of your friends laughs. What do you say? Do you speak to your friend? The bully? Both? Type up your answer.