Bullying in Video Games

Video games- I love video games. Most of them are incredibly fun, and have a lot artistic and emotional value. However, they also hold one area of calamity, hate, and bigotry: Multiplayer.

Similar to cyber-bullying, where messages and hate get spread across the internet, video game bullying is handed out over video games, specifically in multiplayer. A good example is the messages spread around Xbox Live, the online gaming service provided by Microsoft. The private messaging with this service allows free messaging that is completely unrestricted and unmonitored,(unless a parent changes something in the system/family settings) allowing for bullying at a level that is limited only by the senders imagination. There is a report function, but a few bullying messages usually don’t provoke Microsoft’s attention.

An example of video game bullying that I commonly see is ‘trolling.’ This is a type of bullying where someone or many someones mess with one or several other people by saying or doing something to receive an angry response, with the hope that the other will receive any repercussions. A youtube video I once watched showed four boys over the age of fourteen trolling a seven year old. They were all playing minecraft, and the teenagers were finding various ways to mess with him. The video basically ended with the boy sobbing and calling them jerks. That is the perfect example of the bullying in video games.

Try asking yourself how you can stop this bullying. If someone is trolling you and other people, assure the other people receiving the trolling that not feeding a troll’s endless pit of hunger is the best option. You, yourself; find a way to report whoever is doing this trolling.

Trolls don’t care about any emotion they receive except for anger. Be sure to give them something quite opposite.

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4 responses to “Bullying in Video Games

    • That is a very key point. A lot of people who get trolled say that they are willing to take the trolling to be able to stay online. A good alternate, at least, from my perspective, would be to turn off the setting that allows them to speak to everyone in a Multiplayer match; effectively, your child could still play online, without the trolling from anyone except for specific friends on his/her friends this.

      However, yes; that does deny the trollers a target. But it is to be considered that they don’t care who their target is-the more people who report the troll, the faster Microsoft could act on the troller.

      It is a seriously two-sided conflict. People have opinions going both ways, and I wouldn’t really tell anyone going either way that they are wrong in suspending their child’s online play, or their online privileges.

      (Wow. That was a long reply.)
      Thanks for the input 😀

      • Don’t worry about the long reply, you make many valid points. The online ban would be my knee jerk reaction as a parent who doesn’t want his children to suffer what he did. After I thought about it, I would take on board some of the other options you present. Heck, I might even said up my own profile in a sting to catch the troller.

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