Updates about my blog+Response to Daily Prompt: All About Me+Thank You

I just wanted to apologize to the people who follow and/or read my posts on this blog actively. I’ve gotten real lazy on this blog with the increase in homework and responsibility I have received, although that is no excuse.

Furthermore, I am responding to a Daily Prompt.

This Daily Prompt asks the blogger to state why they chose the name of the blog, and explain what it means to you.

I’m sure it is quite obvious. I picked the title because I wanted to discuss bullying-What it meant to me, why it meant that, things I could say to possibly help the general public.

This blog means a lot to me. I have very little views or followers on this blog, but it doesn’t matter. Behind the viewer or follower is a person. A person who is choosing to take time out of their lives and view or follow my blog because they feel it is worth viewing or following. It is impossible to explain how much that means to me. I can’t put it into words. I enjoy writing and posting on my blog because I get to talk and relate to the topic of bullying, but it is the interaction with you, the viewer, the follower, the person who is interacting with me and watching out on my blog.

Like I said, I can’t put it into words. I appreciate everyone of you who is taking time out of their lives to watch out for me on my blog. Thank you.