What is your definition of a clique?

To me, a clique is a stereotyped group of people classified by another group of these stereotyped people.

Uhhh…..okay, let’s make that a little more understandable. I believe a clique is a way people identify other people.

‘Nerd.’ ‘Jock.’ ‘Bully.’ ‘Geek.’ ‘Yes-Man/Woman.’ Cliques are ways of identifying that are usually meant to bully/humiliate someone else-“Hey, nerd!” “Look at that big fat jock.” “Man, that guys such a geek.” There is no real way to stop anyone from using these terms, because they are so common. However, you can reduce how much you use them, and try and stop it if you see it. (I’m not saying not to see someone bullying and say ‘that guy/girl is a bully’–I’m saying not to use the terms with grains of salt.)

If you see someone you know classifying another, step in. Evaluate the situation. If you know who is being classified, or the classifier, or both, use that to your advantage–Appeal to their friendliness(assuming you have friends who are…friendly) and try to defuse the situation.

The use of cliques as titles need to be reduced. The insecure people in our world are use to these cliques. And these identifying words seem to have more power than nine true, heart-felt compliments.


Try your hardest to reduce the amount you use these terms, and try to stop it if you see it.


Thanks for reading.



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