Response to Daily Prompt, “Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?”

The Daily Prompt is to explain about a resolution you may have made and finished.

In the year of 2009, I made a resolution that I would begin treating other students, whether I thought fondly of them or not, much better. I successfully started treating many students better, and it’s led me to this blog.


Response to Daily Prompt, “Where were you New Year’s Eve when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be?”

The Daily Prompt is pretty straightforward. Simply read the title.

I was at my home, reading some of the older posts of my blogs and hanging out with some friends on Skype. I was very glad to be right there, because there’s no better place than home.

Response to “Daily Prompt: Un/Faithful”

This Daily Prompt says to explain how faith does or does not play a role in your life.

When you look up the word ‘faith’, you might find this definition:

‘Confidence or trust in a person or thing’
Looking up ‘hope’, you might get: ‘The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best’
Before I start writing, one thing I want to clear up: the thing that estranges me is how much these two words are used in each other’s stead; “I hope John aces his test,” does not sound right to me. It sounds, to me, as if it should say, “I have faith that John will ace his test.” I guess I should blame it on the strangenessĀ  of English language.
Faith plays a good part of my life. I spend most of my life taking action to ensure I can grow up and be successful in my life. But there’s always something left to chance; so having good faith cannot hurt.
The simple idea of faith may seem ridiculous to many; if someone is a logistics-and-facts based person, the idea of faith might be comical. Faith can be paraphrased, almost perfectly, to state, ‘belief or trust of someone else or some other thing, without evidence or clear proof.’ And I am, I belief, partially, that I am a logistics-and-facts based person; but does that make it wrong to speak of faith?
I find myself showing faith every day; To my friends, to my teachers, to my mother, brother, my cats, and even bullies. I have faith and hope that a bully will one day wake up and realize that they do not have to pick on and harass others to be cool, or popular, or, at least happy with themselves.
Faith is something I find important in my life. How about you, the reader, reader this? What do you think of my ideas? What are your ideas? I’d appreciate reading them.

Taking a Present away

Today, while I was having a drink at my local starbucks, I saw four children, and five adults. They were all having their drinks together, and the four children were roaming around. There was a boy I would have estimated to be two, and three girls that I would have called five, six, and eight. The boy wanted to be around the three girls,(I assumed they were siblings or relatives) but the girl I thought to be eight, who was playing with her Nintendo 3ds XL and texting on her Samsung Galaxy S3 kicked him away and said, “Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean I have to be nice to you.”

I watched the boy reacting. He was confused for a few seconds, then returning to playing with some toy cars. The girl I thought to be six was texting, and the girl I thought to be five was playing Angry Birds on another Samsung Galaxy S3. They wouldn’t include the little boy in their play, and took some of his cars away, and started rubbing in that he couldn’t do anything to get them back.

The little boy hit her in the leg, and she starting crying (I couldn’t say whether it was real or not) and called her dad. She said that the boy had hit her, and that she had asked to play with the toy, and the dad had a sit down with the boy. All I heard was, “Not,” “toy,” and “bad,” in that order.

Opinions on the girls electronics aside,(Short and simple, there’s a difference between spoiling a little, and outright…I don’t even know the word.) this was definitely a perfect example of young child bullying.

And I named the post “Taking a Present away” because I heard the assumed eight year old girl, after all that was done, give a little giggle, and say to the little boy, “I guess I’ll keep the video game I got you.”

What do you, the reader, think, about the bullying that was expressed? How was the little boy bullied? What could have been better? And how should both of the conflicting children reacted to each other?

Response to Daily Prompt, “You are having a Nightmare . . .”

The Daily Prompt is to explain, if you were having a nightmare, which of three doors you would choose to go through, and to explain what was on the other side.


I see three white doors, plain, no indents, or trim; The walls around the doors are black. I look at the three doors, and think, ‘Am I supposed to go through one?’ I disregard the Right Door, because Right is not always Right. I also disregard the Middle Door, because I don’t want to be in the middle crowd. So, I open the door on the very left, and I see only two things. The first of which is a tall boy, about three years older then me, and has black hair and is light skinned. The second of which is a book that says “My Test Notes.” I realize those notes are mine, and I run over to try and get them. However, the boy kicks them away, and grabs me, and I black out.

The dream is a very short one, but it has a serious idea to it. It represents how I used to be/have been/still are being bullied for studying and taking notes on tests.

Daily Prompt: “Breaking The Ice”

This Daily Prompt is to take a subject I write about (bullying) and talk about another person’s point of view. I’m going to be taking the point of view of the victim of bullying. Some parts will be informational, and other parts will be first-person.


Why is John always bothering me? What did I ever do to him? I just learn throughout the day, go home, do homework, and come to school the next day. What is so terrible about that?


Many people who are bullied do not understand why they are being bullied, at least at first. Many are left with the idea that they did not do anything, and this bullying is happening for no reason. ‘Many’ is used loosely, because it is not everyone.


And then he went and told everyone I ate barbeque sauce off the floor! Why on earth would I ever do that? And everyone actually believes it!


It is hard for someone to understand that someone performs these hurtful, negative actions because someone has to them. While many people feel it is unfair that they are being bullied,(Which it is NOT) I never hear from another student, “I wonder how it is for them, like, at home, or something…”


And now, even my friend won’t talk to me…I can’t believe how much of a jerk he is! He just…turns around and throws me away! This is so unfair!


It is difficult to grasp that friends may come and go. While some are friends that will stay with yu throughout the years, there are some that will eventually move on.


I wish i had someone I had someone that could help me…


While it may sound untrue or be difficult to accept, there is always someone who can help you. It is difficult to hear that, sometimes, to better ourselves, we have to show the hurt, the anger, all of the emotion to someone else.


Admitting we are hurting, are in a difficult situation, or having trouble with personal issues, can be the most difficult thing in our lives. However, it can also be the most helpful.

My idea for a daily prompt: “Invent your own holiday!”

This is my idea for the Daily Prompt: National No Put-downs week. A whole week where no one can put another student, co-worker, arch enemy, or any person down. Many people might say some of this falls under No-Name Calling Week, or something related to that. But it is quite a bit different.

A put down isn’t necessarily a name, or an innapropriate slur. A put-down is anything that would…put you down. It can be something someone says, a rumor, a lie, or even just a whisper to a friend when someone passes you.

If I have learned anything from my Middle School experience, it is that put-downs range from Antagonist to zealot. Antagonist being a character or person that is conflicting with the main character or person.

zealot being someone who is crazy about something, or goes out of their way to do something.

I think it would be a very good idea to put this ‘holiday’ into effect.

I think it would be good to put this week into effect from the first Monday of December to the first Friday of December. This will get people ready for the kindness of the holiday spirit, if they celebrate Christmas, and also ready people to be kind and polite during this time.

Bullied Quiz 2

A boy walks up to you and shoves you. What do you say?

1. Why did you shove me?

2. Ow! That hurt!

3. What the heck was that for?

4. Uhh…I would appreciate if you didn’t do that again!

5. Teacher!

If someone looked at you and just started laughing, what would you say?

1. Yeah, I knew that I looked funny today…

2. Uhm…Hello? What’s wrong?

3. I’ll just ignore him.

You and two of your friends are sitting at your lunch table, chatting about your favorite ice cream flavor. Another kid comes down and sits at your table. You realize it’s your classmate from second period, the kid that always bullied you in elementary school, and still does. He insults you about your hair, shirt, and face, and one of your friends laughs. What do you say? Do you speak to your friend? The bully? Both? Type up your answer.

Which of these are bullying to you?

Scenario 1:A boy in your class tells you that you’re doing the project all wrong; this goes here, that goes there. And you forgot to write this in that spot.

Scenario 2: You are walking in the halls, and someone bumps into you. “Oh, sorry.” he mutters, and keeps walking. That is about the 15th time in two weeks.

Scenario 3: “Hey, I noticed that you were doing something incorrectly. You’re supposed to keep the data over here.”

Scenario 4: “Hey, kid! Yeah, you! Why are you so stupid?”

Scenario 5You get a text. Hey! You’re a really cool person! Meet me by the flagpole after school! When you get there, no one is there. THe next day, everyone is giggling and looking at you.