Cyber-Bullying versus Bullying

What a controversial, back-and-forth topic. Cyber-bullying…There are thousands of different opinions and views on them…Some including ‘It’s worse than bullying,’ ‘They’re on the same level,’ ‘What is cyber-bullying,’ and ‘Cyber-bullying is a myth.’ (The final of which stuns me.)


If your answer would be the fourth, let me give you the dictionary definition, and my definition.


Dictionary Definition: the electronic posting of mean-spirited messages about a person (as a student) often done anonymously-

My Definition: Bullying given to others through the use of technological devices,(such as phones, social media, and chatrooms.) often in a higher level of vulgarity or violence than normal bullying.

The difference between Cyber-bullying and Bullying is that it’s behind a screen; when someone is not looking another person in the face, they have a lot more confidence that no action will be taken against them, and thus, they feel the need to say whatever they wish, and this can really affect people. A huge difference is that so many creative things can be done with Cyber-bullying. Multiple facebook pages can be made hating on someone, they can spam someone’s youtube, twitter, etc.(I don’t use most social medias, so I don’t know the names) to hurt another, and people can create entire websites just to spite one person.


Cyber-bullying is home to many suicides.


…His(Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd) client and the other girl  were arrested in October, more than a month after Rebecca Sedwick jumped to her death from a cement plant tower after enduring what police described as months of verbal, physical and online bullying…


…Two students from separate schools committed suicide within days of each other this month — which is National Bullying Prevention Month(October) — and both boys apparently had been bullied. Now, parents are asking questions not just about bullying but also about anti-bullying videos, which both schools aired shortly before the incidents…


Cyber-bullying has been ignored by a lot as just another form that needs to be dealt with like Bullying- This isn’t true! A conversation, an apology, mediation, whatever- It is gone from a bullies minds after they’re home behind a computer screen, especially if they’re with their friends. This is an ineffective way to deal with it–It needs harsher, less leeway-ish punishments that get the message across- NO.


When you see or hear about cyber-bullying, do something. Don’t let it sit, and don’t let someone be pushed around and stepped on without the problem actually being stopped.


My message is the same as always–Don’t let it sit.


Don’t stand by— Step up.




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