My idea for a daily prompt: “Invent your own holiday!”

This is my idea for the Daily Prompt: National No Put-downs week. A whole week where no one can put another student, co-worker, arch enemy, or any person down. Many people might say some of this falls under No-Name Calling Week, or something related to that. But it is quite a bit different.

A put down isn’t necessarily a name, or an innapropriate slur. A put-down is anything that would…put you down. It can be something someone says, a rumor, a lie, or even just a whisper to a friend when someone passes you.

If I have learned anything from my Middle School experience, it is that put-downs range from Antagonist to zealot. Antagonist being a character or person that is conflicting with the main character or person.

zealot being someone who is crazy about something, or goes out of their way to do something.

I think it would be a very good idea to put this ‘holiday’ into effect.

I think it would be good to put this week into effect from the first Monday of December to the first Friday of December. This will get people ready for the kindness of the holiday spirit, if they celebrate Christmas, and also ready people to be kind and polite during this time.


“That is so gay”

Everyday I hear this, at least fifty times: “Oh, that’s so gay!”

The word ‘Gay’ was originally used to represent someone who was happy with themselves; in other words, someone who believed in themselves and was content with themselves. Then, somehow, it got turned into the word for a boy who, because of genes, liked other boys, instead of girls.

Imagine how terrible it must be to go around a school, if you are someone who is gay, and hearing, “That is so gay!” at least fifty times a day. The word ‘gay’ is now used as a much more offensive version of ‘Stupid,’ or ‘Dumb,’ and the more insulting part defiantly shows.

It has silenced many gays/lesbians to express what they feel and believe in. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center works hard to make sure that these people feel they can express themselves freely, and want to make sure they do not feel they need to keep quiet.

You can find more info here, at their website: