Quiz for the Bullied

Who is most hurt by bullying?

1. Bully

2. Observer


4.All of the above

How often are you bullied?

1. Once a day

2. Two-five times a day

3. six-ten times a day

4. More then ten times a day

If you got a text filled with many inappropriate words, put-downs, and mean phrases, what would you do?

1. Send a text back

2. Tell a trusted adult

3. Ignore it

4. Find out who the texter was

5. None of the above

If you had to choose between being a partner with one of these two, which would it be?

1. The bully that’s always shoving you around

2. The bully that curses at you, spreads rumors, and leaves you out of things


Which of these are bullying to you?

Scenario 1:A boy in your class tells you that you’re doing the project all wrong; this goes here, that goes there. And you forgot to write this in that spot.

Scenario 2: You are walking in the halls, and someone bumps into you. “Oh, sorry.” he mutters, and keeps walking. That is about the 15th time in two weeks.

Scenario 3: “Hey, I noticed that you were doing something incorrectly. You’re supposed to keep the data over here.”

Scenario 4: “Hey, kid! Yeah, you! Why are you so stupid?”

Scenario 5You get a text. Hey! You’re a really cool person! Meet me by the flagpole after school! When you get there, no one is there. THe next day, everyone is giggling and looking at you.