Bullying- Social vs. Academic

I remember one way I used to deal with bullies was to use logic. If I send a ton of complicated, big-worded, politically correct statements, it overflows their brain, and they can’t bully as well.




Well, one thing I discovered was that when I flood them with logic, they only become more riled up; they start thinking I’m trying to sound smarter than them, and it feeds their want to take away my level of intelligence. That is why I stopped using Academic logic to stop bullying.


A social bullying skill is something like diffusing the situation by stepping back and walking away or telling a friend you don’t appreciate a joke in a friendly way.(Captain Kirk) An academic bullying skill is something like diffusing the situation by referencing problems and new ideas from classes and knowledge you have obtained or telling a friend you don’t appreciate a joke by trying to deconstruct the joke with logical statements and literal thinking.(Mr. Spock)

Let’s give an example of both.


Todd: Hey! Don’t shove me like that, you dumb loser! Watch where you’re going!

Aron: Dude, I didn’t shove you. I wouldn’t do that to someone I don’t know.

Todd: Yeah, right! You shoved right into me! I’m sure both of my friends saw it! Right?

Ben: Yeah, he shoved you.

Justin: Yeah, I saw it.

Aron: Look, sorry if you think I shoved you, but I didn’t. I hope you can still have a nice day.(Walks away.)


In this scenario, Aron, the believed antagonist of the situation, tries to diffuse the scenario by taking a peaceful approach and choosing peaceful words that don’t blame himself, but don’t put the blame on anyone else. He ends by walking away, giving Todd time to reflect on the situation to try and see the story again from his eyes.

Let’s take a look at a logic based example.


Todd: Hey! Don’t shove me like that, you dumb loser! Watch where you’re going!

Aron: Dude, I didn’t shove you. I was too far away.

Todd: Yeah, right! You shoved right into me! I’m sure both of my friends saw it! Right?

Ben: Yeah, he shoved you.

Justin: Yeah, I saw it.

Aron: Look, I didn’t shove you. I was on the other side of the hallway. There’s just no way I was the one who shoved you!

Todd: Yeah, you did! You better say you’re sorry, or I am going to tell the security card you’re trying to bully me!

Aron: I didn’t shove you! I was on the other side of the hall! There’s no way it was me!

Todd: (Storms off with Ben and Justin, reporting Aron.)

In this scenario, Aron has tried to shove the blame onto someone else by stating he was not close enough to shove Todd. There is no way to prove this without getting some witness or video tape(which wouldn’t be used for such a situation) and leaves the blame unaccounted for. This is an example of a bad way to handle a situation.


Social and Academic bullying skills are to be used differently— A good time for Academic bullying skills is while competing against another team or student, and state(whether you win or lose) that it is a simple game to improve your Academic skills.




Bullying and Music

I’ve many times heard a friend or acquaintance of mine venting about a bullying experience. I do my best to help, or at least comfort them. Many times, the next day or so, I will ask this friend/acquaintance what they did when they got home that day. I often here ‘I went home and listened to music/my mp3/ my iPod.’ I immediately follow this up with ‘How loud was the music?’ And, every single time I have heard something along the lines of “Loud/Sorta loud, i dunno/Really loud.” This is not a good thing.


When we get home and are angry about an experience in the day, and listen to extraneously loud music,(whether it’s about a violent theme or not) it often feeds into and focuses on that anger, and therefore does not allow the human a change to think out his emotions and solve he situation in his mind(or seek help)


Many fall back on music to calm them from a long day of hardship or difficulty. When we listen to this loud, sometimes violent music, and our focus is placed on our anger, it is actually unhealthy for us–this unthinking state that prevents our minds from being able to gather our thoughts and emotions, and, if we are in this state for too long, can carry over to the next day, causing a worse day after the initial anger and situations–this leads to being an easier target of bullying and harrassment. So…


Let’s take a step back. That’s a lot of effect just by listening to some music. Moral of the story, watch what you do to handle your anger–it is not bad to be angry; It is bad to feed your anger and strengthen it for a worse cause.

Bullying? Try some new things.

Recently, I signed up for a program that introduces high school students to multiple areas of college work. It is not at all hard work, simple areas of work with most easy and some challenging activities that you are guided through. The program is very interesting to me, and I really enjoy it.


One thing I’ve noticed is how nice about 95% of the students are. I’ve had one single incident of bullying the whole time, and I easily shrugged the kid off with “that is your opinion,” to which his words turned into mumbles and stumbling sentences. This brought to my mind something I hadn’t realized before, of which I want to share with everyone who takes time out of their day to read my blog.


Taking this class that goes along with the program has opened my eyes to something after seeing how polite and friendly most of the other people in the class are. I decided I would try something new that I enjoyed(Introduction to 2D Computer Programming : D) and I have since made two or three good acquaintances. While these acquaintances may not turn into friendships or friendly bonds, the fact that I’ve met such good people in three days of this program has shocked me to a quite high level.


My advice to you the reader, if you feel you are in a place with few friends and little to do, or even just a little free time, to try something new. Go join a community center that practices art. Go learn to play guitar. Drums. just go do something new that will introduce you to a new area of study, enjoyment, fun, entertainment, or even just occupation.


Learning about the programming has given me three benefits- Getting out of the house, making several new acquaintances, and learning how to program simple 2D games. I am enjoying doing something new, and I am positive you will too.

“Just let it roll off your back,” “Don’t let it get to you,” “Just ignore them”

Ahh, the famous ‘I don’t really know any other support I can give you right now, so I’ll say these quotes,’ post. Probably going to be one of my favorite posts.┬áThat is mostly because it’s what I got all through my elementary school years. I constantly had to deal with these kids who were going out of there way to annoy me, and all I was getting from the teachers was these three quotes, and a few others.

One thing I learned from life with bullies is that you can’t just let it roll of your back, or not let it get to you, or just ignore a bully.

-You can’t just let an insult or physical action against you ‘roll off your back.’ These things hurt, and you can’t just pretend they didn’t happen.

-It’s impossible for this type of bullying to not get to you. No matter what or how to manage to deflect or weaken a blow of bullying, it always hurts us inside. My guess is that what always hurts is the fact that they are going out of their way to hurt you.

-You can not just ignore a bully. That’s like saying you see someone pull out a gun on someone and don’t do anything. (Well, that’s a little extreme, but it gets the point across)

These feel to me as if they are quotes that are meant to buy a person time to think of a way to give you real support. Either that, or they just don’t have the time to support you as an anti-bully.(which I feel is extremely self-centered and anti-productive)

If you hear these on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, do what you think is right. I feel these have never helped me as an anti-bully, but it may be different for you. If you think it will give you enough support, then do it. If you think it won’t, say you think it won’t. But you don’t want to just sit around and not take action against kids who are making it their goal to annoy and harass you.

“I dare you to”

Have you ever been in a bet? Been dared to do something embarrassing? Then lost this bet or dare, and then forced to do something really embarrassing?

Bets and dares are, in my opinion, not worth anything. Money, food, reputation- it just isn’t worth it. These bets and dares can usually be ground for a bully to make another student look bad.

I, as a younger school boy, accepted too many bets. I don’t remember winning too many of them, and I had to do embarrassing things in effect. I don’t want to name many, but they include sticking my face in jello and putting a lot of pasta into my mouth and saying hi to a lot of people.

I am posting this because a friend of mine recently entered a bet and lost it. My friend, however, would not do what he said he would do if he lost, and got a lot of laughter, and was pointed out several times.

After hearing his story, I thought it would be smart to type up a smart little post with my opinion.

Bets and dares, unless they are simple ones among friends, are not worth the trouble they could possibly bring.