Family Bullying

Have you ever sat around at home, talking with your parents about something serious, and suddenly one of them says something very mean?


This is not a very specific thought; it can mean a lot. A parent tells you to leave, a parent tells you just to ‘deal with it,’ a parent tells you ‘too bad…’ Almost everyone has been there. Family bullying is worse than school/work bullying; it is often the cause of a bully being formed in the very first place.

A common form of Family Bullying is when a child is seeking help from an older brother, sister, parent, or older adult. The child is in desperate need of this help, but the response might be to ‘toughen up’ or to ‘deal with it.’ Shockingly(to me, at the least) this is most common among the parents and adults. This shocks me, as they are the most influential source of character for a child.


A brother or sister usually is more prone to such a response; a response such as ‘Go throw your problems in someone else’s face,’ or ‘Is that my problem?’

This bullying is such a serious issue because the people we rely on the most are throwing away our problems like nothing. This is a common cause of depression, which is the most common disease among teenagers in all of America. A good way to prevent this is, if you are an adult, a brother, a sister, an uncle, an aunt, a mother, a father, or any other figure in a child’s life, is to offer as much support as you can without solving someone’s problems for them; guide them on their path to self-confidence and assurance in their own ability. If you are a child or teenager, the best thing for you is to let go of the belief that everything that is thrown at your feet has to be dealt with using your own feet; there are others out there who will help you get through the hardest of situations. A consular, a parent, a friend, a teacher…You aren’t alone. Anyone can help; I can help; Just don’t believe you are alone.


Don’t stand by- Step Up.




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