Response to Daily Prompt: Too Soon

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?


All the readers of my blog can probably assume I will be talking about bullying in this post. There are plenty of times when jokes or simple comments are taken to far and boundaries aren’t realized at the right point. There are jokes I am stunned to hear that I’ve heard in the first year of middle school. There was a joke I am too uncertain of typing up because I do not want any younger readers to see the joke, but that should give you an idea. I don’t want to type it up because of it’s content.


If I am with a group of friends and someone says I joke I feel or believe is too far, I will say so. When I’m with friends, I expect they will respect my wish for the joke to be left alone. It’s easy to be in a group of friends, be having a great time, and then let something slip that you thought would work out but didn’t.


I think it is critical that the person acknowledge this mistake, so that it can be accepted as a mistake and then left alone, so the group of friends can easily move on from this slip up.


My personal opinion…things like making fun of homeless citizens, general bullying, hating on, say, the city council/department for failing to do something, and general heckling of anyone or thing. There are exceptions, of course, but they are few and far between.


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