Response to Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

What bores you?


There are several different things that bore me. I’ll list the top three.


1. What bores me is sitting at a desk for several hours, listening to an instructor of some sort speaking(which I might even be intrigued in) and constantly being pestered by the class bullies, who might be doing simple things like shooting spit balls at me or making faces; childish things that are just distracting.

2. Getting lectured by people you have never seen, heard, or thought of before. When I do something, I have a reason for it. When someone starts lecturing me on how stupid something is, how weird it is, or how wrong it is, about something I am doing, I find it boring, and occasionally somewhat irritating, because the person is not aware of my reasons and intentions of performing this action.

3. I find notebooks especially boring. Writing notes over and over again (whether I know I’ll need them or not) Is a really hard thing for me to sit and do for an hour or more.

Now, I almost put bullies on this list, just because the same situations over and over is boring, however, I decided not to as bullies definitely prevent difficult, non-boring challenges.


3 responses to “Response to Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

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