Response to Daily Prompt: Morality Play

Where do your morals come from — your family? Your faith? Your philosophical worldview? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?


What is a moral? How do we know if something is a moral or a belief? I believe that a moral is something that you guide your life upo , but not let completely dictate what you do. If I have a moral that I am only goingto have pasta every Tuesday, there will be an occasional exception–it’s my dad exception, and we’re eating Italian, so I am going to have pasta. That’s what I belief is a good moral–so I’ll tell you where mine come from.


I can say with assurance that a lot of my morals come from my mom–Treat others how you expect to be treated,(not how you want to be treated) save half of the good of something for later so you can enjoy it all throughout the day, week, or month, and (sigh) there is more than video games to do during the weekend, to name a few.

I would say some of my others come from my teachers, instructors, and counselors at my school. To name two, one is that you should put in the best work to get the best payoff in twenty years, and that I should treat people knowing when I’m almost done with high school, other people(most, at least) will mature up, and might change their minds about me.

I guess one of the last places I get my morals from is the internet–Be friendly, but don’t trust a person or people at the first ‘Hello!’


When someone doesn’t share my world views, I simply state my own, not expecting adaptation by them, but hoping for acknowledgment. As long as a person can acknowledge my views, and I can acknowledge theirs, we get along just fine.


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