Physical Eduction and Bullies

A bully values their own self-confidence. They are willing to do many things to get this self-confidence. Physical Education classes give this chance in a few different ways.

I’ve wrote a post like this before. But this is different.


A student who has the chance to outmatch someone in a physical activity will. If you are playing a running game, such as flag football, a bully will go for you every single play that he can.

If you are playing a balance game, a bully will do everything on the sidelines to make you trip, fall, etc.

If you are playing…well, you get the picture. A bully enjoys the opportunity to make a student look bad or dumb in a way that brings an angry reaction out of you. How do I know this?


I was never the fit/athletic kid. When I was a few years younger, I didn’t like sports, I usually didn’t want to play them(With some exceptions :3), and didn’t hone my skills all that much with almost all of the sports I was forced to play.(except a few)


Because of this, I was easy to beat and jab and pick on while playing sports. I almost always couldn’t hold a reaction in. When you’re right on the spot, determined, and then fall, fail, and get laughed at, it is unbelievably harder then holding in a response to verbal bullying.



What to do if this happens–get away. Don’t even look at the kid who just beat you. Go to your teacher and say you need time to yourself. Five minutes. But get out of that situation. When you’re calm, and have had time to process what happened, and process how to respond and deal with the situation, everything will go much smoother.


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