“I’m a Hilarious Joke to them”

Today, I was returning to my home from school, and was talking with one of my friends. My friend was talking about logic and how he/she always said weird things. He/She let me know some of the sayings and rumors around school that had been made for him/her, and gave me a descriptive picture of why he/she was considered such a ‘Hilarious Joke.’


I listened to my friend explain all of this to me, and realized he/she was a lot more like me a few years ago than I thought. I told him/her that at the end of the day, he/she was still alive and standing.



If someone feels like this–like people feel that they’re a ‘Hilarious Joke,’ hear them out. If they are being bullied, the last thing they need is to be shut down and told they are wrong. They need support and a shoulder to lean on.


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