Response to Daily Prompt: Success!

Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.


In my seventh grade year of middle school, I was having a very bad day. I had started the day by putting on both my shirt and shorts backwards, and then it was noticed by many kids at my school noticing, and(as usual) making an extravagant point about it. An hour and a half later, I got in a lot of trouble for forgetting to do a relatively grade impacting assignment.(I still turned it in, with a 10% decrease in the final grade.) Afterwards, the next class, a student called the teacher a string of seven words that contained an astounding amount of profanity. The teacher was not very good at handling any of that language and behaviour, and absolutely exploded, giving the wanted reaction, and I was tardy to my class because of this reaction.

Afterwards, I was ready to be done. I got to my fourth class, and the teacher noticed my foul mood. She was a P.E. teacher, so she had to instruct, but she gave me extra time just jogging/running and paired me up in a sport practice with herself.

Then, fifth class, my teacher was also noticing my mood. She allowed me extra time to read my reading book.

Final class, a teacher who was normally highly expecting and sort of dependent of me handling myself accepted adequate work from me, instead of double, and triple checking that I was alright with the work. He didn’t really ask about what was happening, but he saw my mood and went easy on me.


After a long half-day of irritating people and hard to deal with situations I would rather not, three classes of having some slack given to me was really nice. It had me in a somewhat good mood, and I managed to get through that week without anymore bad occurrences.


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