Friend? Bully?

A lot of people have been there. A long time friend–always been by your side, always stuck with you, through thick and thin-gets a new group of friends. Know what I’m talking about?


When a friend gets a new group of friends, they are left with a few decisions- they can either remain friends with you and stay with their group at the same time, they can stay friends with you, but n0t the group, or they can not remain friends with you. When someone joins up with a new group of friends who hassle and pick on others, it’s usually the third option.

This can cause grief and strain in one’s life. A person who has lost a friend in this way feels cheated and like their friend has been stolen. This creates tension and depression.


There is no way to ‘take a friend from the thieves.’ A friend who has moved to another group has made this at least partially of his/her own accord.


This can be one of the hardest time in a person’s life. It’s not easy to get through this; you will just have to not hang out with that person anymore, not make a confrontation, and, if that friend starts bullying you, it’s best to go right to a trusted teacher/administrator.

The hard truth is that a friend taken away just sucks. There’s no way to say it differently; it’s unfair and unjust. However, the point remains that getting in the middle of it is a bad thing to do.


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