“Just let it roll off your back,” “Don’t let it get to you,” “Just ignore them”

Ahh, the famous ‘I don’t really know any other support I can give you right now, so I’ll say these quotes,’ post. Probably going to be one of my favorite posts. That is mostly because it’s what I got all through my elementary school years. I constantly had to deal with these kids who were going out of there way to annoy me, and all I was getting from the teachers was these three quotes, and a few others.

One thing I learned from life with bullies is that you can’t just let it roll of your back, or not let it get to you, or just ignore a bully.

-You can’t just let an insult or physical action against you ‘roll off your back.’ These things hurt, and you can’t just pretend they didn’t happen.

-It’s impossible for this type of bullying to not get to you. No matter what or how to manage to deflect or weaken a blow of bullying, it always hurts us inside. My guess is that what always hurts is the fact that they are going out of their way to hurt you.

-You can not just ignore a bully. That’s like saying you see someone pull out a gun on someone and don’t do anything. (Well, that’s a little extreme, but it gets the point across)

These feel to me as if they are quotes that are meant to buy a person time to think of a way to give you real support. Either that, or they just don’t have the time to support you as an anti-bully.(which I feel is extremely self-centered and anti-productive)

If you hear these on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, do what you think is right. I feel these have never helped me as an anti-bully, but it may be different for you. If you think it will give you enough support, then do it. If you think it won’t, say you think it won’t. But you don’t want to just sit around and not take action against kids who are making it their goal to annoy and harass you.


2 responses to ““Just let it roll off your back,” “Don’t let it get to you,” “Just ignore them”

  1. Care to co author my anti bullying book with me? Ive been looking for a co author for a while. You seem to be against bullying and your comments on my blog were smart.

    • I would be happy to. How do you want us to be able to communicate enough to actually write it? Here on wordpress or somewhere else?

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