Response to “Daily Prompt: Un/Faithful”

This Daily Prompt says to explain how faith does or does not play a role in your life.

When you look up the word ‘faith’, you might find this definition:

‘Confidence or trust in a person or thing’
Looking up ‘hope’, you might get: ‘The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best’
Before I start writing, one thing I want to clear up: the thing that estranges me is how much these two words are used in each other’s stead; “I hope John aces his test,” does not sound right to me. It sounds, to me, as if it should say, “I have faith that John will ace his test.” I guess I should blame it on the strangeness¬† of English language.
Faith plays a good part of my life. I spend most of my life taking action to ensure I can grow up and be successful in my life. But there’s always something left to chance; so having good faith cannot hurt.
The simple idea of faith may seem ridiculous to many; if someone is a logistics-and-facts based person, the idea of faith might be comical. Faith can be paraphrased, almost perfectly, to state, ‘belief or trust of someone else or some other thing, without evidence or clear proof.’ And I am, I belief, partially, that I am a logistics-and-facts based person; but does that make it wrong to speak of faith?
I find myself showing faith every day; To my friends, to my teachers, to my mother, brother, my cats, and even bullies. I have faith and hope that a bully will one day wake up and realize that they do not have to pick on and harass others to be cool, or popular, or, at least happy with themselves.
Faith is something I find important in my life. How about you, the reader, reader this? What do you think of my ideas? What are your ideas? I’d appreciate reading them.

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