Taking a Present away

Today, while I was having a drink at my local starbucks, I saw four children, and five adults. They were all having their drinks together, and the four children were roaming around. There was a boy I would have estimated to be two, and three girls that I would have called five, six, and eight. The boy wanted to be around the three girls,(I assumed they were siblings or relatives) but the girl I thought to be eight, who was playing with her Nintendo 3ds XL and texting on her Samsung Galaxy S3 kicked him away and said, “Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean I have to be nice to you.”

I watched the boy reacting. He was confused for a few seconds, then returning to playing with some toy cars. The girl I thought to be six was texting, and the girl I thought to be five was playing Angry Birds on another Samsung Galaxy S3. They wouldn’t include the little boy in their play, and took some of his cars away, and started rubbing in that he couldn’t do anything to get them back.

The little boy hit her in the leg, and she starting crying (I couldn’t say whether it was real or not) and called her dad. She said that the boy had hit her, and that she had asked to play with the toy, and the dad had a sit down with the boy. All I heard was, “Not,” “toy,” and “bad,” in that order.

Opinions on the girls electronics aside,(Short and simple, there’s a difference between spoiling a little, and outright…I don’t even know the word.) this was definitely a perfect example of young child bullying.

And I named the post “Taking a Present away” because I heard the assumed eight year old girl, after all that was done, give a little giggle, and say to the little boy, “I guess I’ll keep the video game I got you.”

What do you, the reader, think, about the bullying that was expressed? How was the little boy bullied? What could have been better? And how should both of the conflicting children reacted to each other?


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