While surfing the internet, I found these.

Congratulations for your terrible behaviour me editingI edited some of this picture out. I found this picture very meaningful, because it really just says, “Congratulations. You’re a horrible person.” While that is not the meaning I am trying to get out on my blog, it has a meaning.


And then I found this, which I am copy pasting:

” Calling someone fat, won’t make you skinnier.
Calling someone ugly, won’t make you prettier.
Calling someone stupid, won’t make you smarter.
Calling someone a loner, won’t make you more popular.
Bullying someone won’t make you a better person. ”

So, because all of this is true, there is no reason to bully other students.


Right? So why does it still happen?

(I already answered that question in some of my first posts. But for the sake of this post, let’s pretend I didn’t.)


If this is all true, which it is, bullying should not be happening this much.


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