Response to Daily Prompt, “You are having a Nightmare . . .”

The Daily Prompt is to explain, if you were having a nightmare, which of three doors you would choose to go through, and to explain what was on the other side.


I see three white doors, plain, no indents, or trim; The walls around the doors are black. I look at the three doors, and think, ‘Am I supposed to go through one?’ I disregard the Right Door, because Right is not always Right. I also disregard the Middle Door, because I don’t want to be in the middle crowd. So, I open the door on the very left, and I see only two things. The first of which is a tall boy, about three years older then me, and has black hair and is light skinned. The second of which is a book that says “My Test Notes.” I realize those notes are mine, and I run over to try and get them. However, the boy kicks them away, and grabs me, and I black out.

The dream is a very short one, but it has a serious idea to it. It represents how I used to be/have been/still are being bullied for studying and taking notes on tests.


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