“I dare you to”

Have you ever been in a bet? Been dared to do something embarrassing? Then lost this bet or dare, and then forced to do something really embarrassing?

Bets and dares are, in my opinion, not worth anything. Money, food, reputation- it just isn’t worth it. These bets and dares can usually be ground for a bully to make another student look bad.

I, as a younger school boy, accepted too many bets. I don’t remember winning too many of them, and I had to do embarrassing things in effect. I don’t want to name many, but they include sticking my face in jello and putting a lot of pasta into my mouth and saying hi to a lot of people.

I am posting this because a friend of mine recently entered a bet and lost it. My friend, however, would not do what he said he would do if he lost, and got a lot of laughter, and was pointed out several times.

After hearing his story, I thought it would be smart to type up a smart little post with my opinion.

Bets and dares, unless they are simple ones among friends, are not worth the trouble they could possibly bring.


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