Daily Prompt: “An Offer I couldn’t Refuse”

Yesterday, my cell phone started ringing. I saw that the number was ‘blocked,’ and that the name was also ‘blockrted.’ Of course, that spooked me. I picked up the phone, just out of my curiosity. I heard a voice say, “Are you the kid who has the blog?” I thought of several sarcastic comments I could have said, such as, “Well, considering there are several million,” or, “Well, considering I have a blog and I’m a kid,” but I just answered, “Yes, I have a blog.”

The man grunted something, and I heard several voices in the background. After about 15 seconds, I heard the man’s voice again. We are a secret agency of people devoted to making the world a better place. We deal with politics, harmful citizens, crime, and a few other things, including bullying.”

“Okay…” I answered, wondering why they were contacting me.

“And we want you to help us out a little. First, you can keep doing what you’re doing. On your blog. Giving advice and sharing stories. Second, you can give more support in your school. If you see someone being harassed, stop it. And finally, if you are face to face with a bully who is harassing you, then show them, like you have been, that you don’t give a crap what they think about you.”

This post was a fictional post for the Daily Prompt. However, there are pieces I do want a reader to take from the post. First, being sarcastic in a bullying situation isn’t going to help you. Second, remember that there are people everywhere who want to help. Third, don’t be afraid to tell a bully to stop giving someone a hard time. If they tell you, “It’s not your business,” say, “It’s not your business to be harassing this kid.” Lastly, don’t be afraid to tell someone that what they think doesn’t change who you are.


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