Daily Prompt: “Breaking The Ice”

This Daily Prompt is to take a subject I write about (bullying) and talk about another person’s point of view. I’m going to be taking the point of view of the victim of bullying. Some parts will be informational, and other parts will be first-person.


Why is John always bothering me? What did I ever do to him? I just learn throughout the day, go home, do homework, and come to school the next day. What is so terrible about that?


Many people who are bullied do not understand why they are being bullied, at least at first. Many are left with the idea that they did not do anything, and this bullying is happening for no reason. ‘Many’ is used loosely, because it is not everyone.


And then he went and told everyone I ate barbeque sauce off the floor! Why on earth would I ever do that? And everyone actually believes it!


It is hard for someone to understand that someone performs these hurtful, negative actions because someone has to them. While many people feel it is unfair that they are being bullied,(Which it is NOT) I never hear from another student, “I wonder how it is for them, like, at home, or something…”


And now, even my friend won’t talk to me…I can’t believe how much of a jerk he is! He just…turns around and throws me away! This is so unfair!


It is difficult to grasp that friends may come and go. While some are friends that will stay with yu throughout the years, there are some that will eventually move on.


I wish i had someone I had someone that could help me…


While it may sound untrue or be difficult to accept, there is always someone who can help you. It is difficult to hear that, sometimes, to better ourselves, we have to show the hurt, the anger, all of the emotion to someone else.


Admitting we are hurting, are in a difficult situation, or having trouble with personal issues, can be the most difficult thing in our lives. However, it can also be the most helpful.


2 responses to “Daily Prompt: “Breaking The Ice”

  1. Hello,
    I am a teacher and I see this every single day! Thank you for posting this. I think we need a lot more people speaking about bullying, providing education and resources not only to those bullied but to the bullies as well. They must know how much they are hurting their peers.

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