Bullied Quiz 2

A boy walks up to you and shoves you. What do you say?

1. Why did you shove me?

2. Ow! That hurt!

3. What the heck was that for?

4. Uhh…I would appreciate if you didn’t do that again!

5. Teacher!

If someone looked at you and just started laughing, what would you say?

1. Yeah, I knew that I looked funny today…

2. Uhm…Hello? What’s wrong?

3. I’ll just ignore him.

You and two of your friends are sitting at your lunch table, chatting about your favorite ice cream flavor. Another kid comes down and sits at your table. You realize it’s your classmate from second period, the kid that always bullied you in elementary school, and still does. He insults you about your hair, shirt, and face, and one of your friends laughs. What do you say? Do you speak to your friend? The bully? Both? Type up your answer.


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