Why does bullying happen?

Put in the simplest words, people bully to make themselves feel better.

For almost every bully, they are bullied. It doesn’t matter who it is, but it does matter where; It is usually where they live.

Almost all bullies have a situation at home where they may be hurt, just like they hurt others. They may be harassed just like they harass. They may be put down like they put down. It’s Cause & Effect. When they are bullied at home, their feeling of positive about themselves is taken away. And, when they bully someone, that person usually feels the same way. The bully has their positive feeling taken away, so they need to take it from someone else.

Which is the person they bully. They bully others because they are bullied. So, as much as they may seem like really bad people to the one being bullied, imagine going home every single day and being criticized, verbally hurt, maybe even physically hurt, and mostly unsupervised. With no one seeming to care about them, and being left with this negative feeling, they bully to give it to someone else.

In other words: A bully will try to take someone’s positive feeling, and give them their negative feeling.

When I say negative and positive, I mean self-confidence. A positive self-confidence means you feel good about yourself, you don’t let other people’s bad opinions change your self-view dramatically, and you are you. A negative self-confidence means you feel bad about yourself, other people’s opinions change your view of yourself, and you feel like you can’t be the person you can or want to be.

Just because these bullies most likely have it hard, it does Not mean bullying is okay. It is okay to feel a little sorry for someone, but it does not excuse the bullying.

Put all of this information together: People bully to make themselves feel good.

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